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Tomorrow, April 5, is National Walking Day.  We all have heard that walking is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to put exercise into our daily lives.  Today I’m going to tell you one way you can raise your calorie burning potential by as much as 48% plus maintain good posture and balance while walking in your neighborhood.  Make sure you read to the end of this post to see an offer created just for my readers!  Disclaimer:  I was provided a free product in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Last fall my husband and I were taking a walk in a local park.  As we were enjoying the beauty, we noticed a man going in the opposite direction who was walking with some walking poles.  We looked curiously at him and at the poles, wondering exactly what he was doing.  Seeing our interest, he stopped and explained that he was walking regularly with these poles in preparation to walk the Appalachian Trail.

That short conversations peaked my curiosity.  What exactly were these poles and how would they be beneficial to walking?  Were they helpful only to extreme distance walkers or would there be a benefit to everyday walkers, like myself?

Instead of just looking online for answers to my questions, I decided to go straight to the sources.  After contacting a number of companies that make walking poles, I found one that suggested I call to be able to learn about their product and ask any questions I might still have in the end.  Intrigued with the chat concept, I called Keenfit – The Walking Pole Company and soon I was talking to Sheri Simson, aka ‘The Pole Lady’.  We talked for almost an hour.  I thought I’d record some of my questions and her answers to enable you to become more informed about walking poles and to help you decide if they might be helpful for your walking workout.

Sheri, what are Walking Poles and are they different from Nordic poles, fitness poles, or hiking poles?

What makes walking poles different from other kinds of poles is that they are generally lighter, quieter & designed for a custom fit. In particular with the palm-strap, when you have a quality pair of walking poles set correctly – you’ll stride in comfort and with confidence – from the relaxed grip you’ll have on your poles through to your properly-aligned gait!

For More Information:
Check-out http://www.keenfit.com/walking-poles/the-keenfit-advantage/hiking-poles-vs-walking-poles


What are the benefits of using walking poles over walking without poles?

  • Increase cardio by minimum 20%.
  • Burn up to 48% more calories.
  • Use over 90% of your muscles
  • Naturally align body posture.
  • Stand taller – Breath deeper.
  • Strengthen & tone upper body.
  • 26% lighter load on lower body / joints.
  • 30min Pole Walking = 50min Regular Walking
  • Make walking more fun & way more beneficial!


What is the difference between regular walking and pole walking?

What is easier? Using less than 50% or using over 90% of your muscles? Well, think about it – when using over 90% each muscle has to work less hard – sharing the work with more muscles!


What age range do you think would be good for pole walking?

Pole walking is good for everyone – (literally!) – everyone from your average casual walker to your more aggressive athlete. Pole walking was first created to help Cross-Country Olympians stay fit in the off season – walking, hiking & running with their poles.  It has now evolved to become a versatile activity that can be changed up to benefit many different people  – elderly people with stability issues; hurting people with bad back, hip, knee or feet problems;  and obese people or people who want to lose weight.  Pole walking is good for everyone!


What about people who are obese but are looking for ways to add movement to their lives and lose weight? What would be the weight limit for those using the poles you offer?

We have had people weighing as much as 380lbs use our poles – our locking mechanism is guaranteed for up to 250lbs of pressure. What they appreciate most is how poles help spread out their weight to all 4-limbs, transferring 26% of their load to their upper body. In turn lightening their load on their lower-body, while at the same time aligning their spine, opening up their chest, helping them to stand taller & breathe deeper – making walking easier!  Amongst many weight loss success stories – my favorite is one from a woman who lost over 120lbs. As the added weight had plagued her with many life-threatening health problems – she attributes her poles & weight-loss to ‘saving her life’!


Is there a correct technique for using Walking Poles?  Is it difficult to master?

Amazing Things Happen When you use your Walking Poles correctly. . .

  1. You will have more confidence using your poles
    When you have more confidence using them . . .

2. You will become more competent using your poles
When you are more competent using them . . .

3. You will use your poles more often
When you use them more often  . . .

4. You will get more benefits from every step!


For maximum results, safety & enjoyment here are Four Important Basic Pole Walking Tips:

 TIP 1: Your poles should always be angled back

Your poles should never hit the ground in front of your feet. Your hands should always be in a hand-shake position so that the poles angle back approximately 20° – 25°. When pole walking – the foot of your front pole should hit the ground about 10 inches behind the heel of your front foot.

TIP 2: Always walk opposite leg to hand

When we walk without poles we walk, naturally, opposite leg to hand – it’s what helps us move forward in alignment and keeps us balanced … so it should be no different when we walk with poles.

When pole walking – the foot of your front pole and your front foot should always hit the ground at the same time.

 TIP 3: The Rule of Three – You will catch on. . .

1 – Some, but very few – will get it in 3 steps – we just call those people show-offs!
2 – For others it may take about 3+ km / miles or so
3 –
Generally though, most people will find that after 3 good, solid-times-out it will get easier!

 TIP 4: Don’t’ think – Don’t think – Don’t think!!!

The first step is generally the hardest, so remind yourself that walking is something we already do without thinking. Think only about your first step (and maybe your second). The key is to just relax, trust yourself and count on The Rule of Three.

For more information:
About Pole Walking Techniques and complete instructions on how to set & use your Walking Poles most effectively, check-out our Free Instructional Videos  http://www.keenfit.com/pole-walking-videos/how-to-use-your-walking-poles


What surfaces can walkers use poles on?

With the correct pole feet and accessories for your poles you should be able to take your walking poles anywhere . . . our poles come standard with a basic accessory package that includes:

  • Carbide-Tips – that are on the bottom of the poles, are good for more rugged or icing terrain (also helpful on leafy paths).
  • Trail-Feet – are for more rugged off-roading / trails where the ground may be loose or lesser compact.
  • Beach-Baskets – are designed to stop your poles from sinking into softer, looser surfaces like snow, sand or grass.
  • Road-Feet – are perfect for pavement, roads & sidewalks. Made soft for shock-absorbency on hard surfaces – to help you grab the road & propel yourself forward.

 For more information:
Check-out http://www.keenfit.com/walking-poles/the-keenfit-advantage


What makes Keenfit Walking Poles a good choice for everyday walkers?

What makes Keenfit Walking Poles the right choice for everyday walkers is what we like to call The Keenfit Factor . . . Our quest has always been to create a pair of good quality; durable; light-weight, sturdy; rattle-free walking poles that are not only comfortable & easy to adjust but also affordable & that we could stand behind – warranty without difficulty & be proud of!

Ever since we started Keenfit – The Pole Walking Co. in 2003 the above stated factors, along with many more, have always been extremely important to us.  We have a less than .3% Return Rate & Guarantee our Poles with a Lifetime Warranty. As well we don’t just want you to ‘get’ poles . . . we want you to ‘use’ them and we make lots of information & videos available to help you do so.


Do you sell a variety of pole styles?  Colors?  Do you sell pole accessories?

We carry 2 different types of walking poles:

  • 2pc Fitness Walking Poles :

Our Regular Online Price is $89.98 + $16.47 Shipping  

– Color – Blue/Green/Purple
– 1-adjustable /locking point
– Telescope down to 29.5in / 75cm
– Weigh 275 grams / 0.6 lbs
– Fits in the Keenfit Pole Tote & larger suit cases
– Designed for everyone from the casual average walker to the more aggressive athletic pole walker.

  • For those who walk or hike in and around their neighborhood or who sometimes drive to other locations to pole walk
  • For those who want poles that are QUICK & SIMPLE to adjust & easy to transport.


  • 3Pc Travel Walking Poles:

Our Regular Online Price is $89.98 + $16.47 Shipping   

– Color – Blue only
– 2-adjustable /locking points
– Telescope down to 20.25in / 51.4cm
– Weigh 285 grams / 0.63 lbs
– Fits in the Keenfit Pole Tote & the smallest carry-on suit-cases
– Designed for everyone from the casual average walker to the more aggressive athletic pole walker.

  • For those who walk or hike in and around their neighborhood or who sometimes drives to other locations to pole walk & explore other simple to rugged trails.
  • For those who do a fair amount of AIR-TRAVEL & need their poles to be compact & easy to transport.

 Please Note: Both the 2-pc & 3-pc Keenfit Walking Poles can be used for either light or aggressive pole walking or hiking and both have the same excellent quality, stability & durability with the only differences being their color, collapsible length & number of adjustable points.


  • Multi-Purpose Walking Poles Tote:

Our Regular Online Price is $19.98 + $8.50 Shipping   

  • Color – Black with Green logo
  • Made of durable nylon-canvas fabric
  • Designed for
    • Carrying &/or Storing Poles
    • Wearing while you Pole Walk– with pockets for water-bottle, keys, cell-phone & money


We offer all kinds of different replacement parts for your Walking Poles:

  • Feet; Baskets; Palm-Straps; Carbide-Tips etc.
  • Just call our 1-877 Toll-free number to Order


What is the price range for your poles and how would I place an order?


Both our 2pc-Fitness Walking Poles & our 3pc-Travel Walking Poles:

are Regular $89.98/pr + $16.47 Shipping

The Multi-Purpose Walking Poles Tote:

Is Regular $19.98 + $8.50 Shipping

Save $25

Our SPECIAL OFFER for Maturing with Grace Blog Readers . . .

Buy any set of Keenfit Walking Poles at $69.98/pr – That’s $20 off

And buy a Tote for $14.98/ea – That’s $5 off


Just Call in your Order Toll-free at 1-877-533-6348

Tell us you are a Maturing with Grace Blog Reader & your

Total Special will be only



I hope you found my post today informative.  I admit that at first I overthought how to walk with my poles, but by the end of my first walk around the neighborhood, I walked naturally with them – without thinking!  I love my poles and miss them when I don’t take them with me.  I even took them to Florida to try them out on the beach!

seniors using walking poles



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