Unexpected Treasures

My husband and I have been trying to walk the neighborhood more often in an effort to stay fit. We are blessed to live in a safe community and our house is situated at just the right place to give us a number of options from which to choose.  This morning, we decided to walk into an affluent neighborhood. We soon discovered that it was their trash day. As we walked and talked, we would occasionally glance at the mounds of rubbish waiting to be picked up along the curb. You can tell a lot about a household from their recycle bins: Are their newspapers stuffed into a diaper box? Which pizza place do they prefer?

On our way back home, I noticed a colorful box in a bag next to a trash can near one house. As I stopped to look more closely, I discovered that it was an entire bag filled with little boxes, the kinds you would get with a jewelry purchase. Being a crafter, I’m always looking for ways to wrap up the gifts I make. These would be perfect! So, to my husband’s dismay, I announced I was going to carry the bag back home with me. As I lifted it up, I discovered another bag filled with similar boxes underneath. Double score! One glance at my husband’s face told me that I would not be getting any help toting these home.

It didn’t take many steps before I started to feel conspicuous.  I could imagine the conversations that could be generated, “Oh look at the poor bag lady.  Hey, isn’t that our neighbor?”  Just then I spotted a way of escape – a trail through the woods that I knew would deposit me right out on the end of our cul-de-sac.  My husband saw my intentions immediately and in a sympathetic way said, “Are you crazy?  The mosquitos would be thick in this humidity!”  Determined to save face over blood, we parted ways – I taking the one less traveled.

It didn’t take long for the first mosquito to find me and spread the word.  That’s when it dawned on me that swating bugs isn’t easy when both hands are carrying things.  In desperation I tried swinging my head back and forth to use my braid in horse tail fashion.  I quickly realized that the motion could easily upset my balance, especially with the many roots in the path.  A sprawled out object on the forest floor would be even an easier target for these blood thirsty menaces.  I finally decided the safest recourse was just to move quickly, which I attempted to do while carrying the bags.  At one point, while huffing and puffing along, the handle broke on one of the bags, which didn’t make my situation any better.

When I finally emerged from the woods, I had to stifle a little cry of victory.  Just three more houses to go past and then my secret would be safe.  Just then I saw a neighbor sitting on his porch.  I tried to do my best invisible imitation.  “Hey, how are you doing?” he called out.  Busted!  “Just fine!” I mustered, shifting my cargo a little.  All I could do now is hope he thought I had just come from another neighbor who was extremely generous in her gift giving.  I made it up my driveway and to the safe confines of my home.  I had found blessings when I least expected to find them and all they cost me were a mosquito bite or two and a couple of stares from a nice neighbor.


I’d love to hear about unexpected blessings that you’ve had.  Please leave a comment below and share your blessing.


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One thought on “Unexpected Treasures

  1. Mary Ann Young says:

    For a crafter, your find most certainly was a blessing. I have enough of a problem keeping my jewelry organized, which I suppose is minimal compared to the stash of a crafty person. Have you ever watched one of the hoarders shows on the Discovery Channel? Some barely have a path to walk in, speaking of INSIDE their homes. You likely have not reached that point, hopefully. LOL.

    I loved your entertaining story, and the pictures are wonderful.

    Scratching my head as I try to recall a couple of blessing experiences. When one reaches the age of an octogenarian, there are so many that I could go on and on, but one particular instance comes to mind.

    When my five children were growing up, we would enjoy roughing it on vacations, taking the tent and equipment into the wildest parts of Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. During one such occasion, we were camped at the Mouth of the Two-Hearted River at the edge of Lake Superior, a very rustic campground far from civilization. I always made a practice of storing any food carefully in the car, or bungied well into ice chests to protect from the crafty raccoons. That was not an easy task with five children who were apt to shove something edible into their pockets, or there might be a stray chip or piece of food that escaped the tent housekeeping chores..

    To continue, during the night one of the youngest boys suddenly announced that he had to go to the “bathroom,” a no-no once we were settled in our sleeping bags. I hate to be blunt, but he was told to complete his task quickly as I unzipped the tent flap. About half an hour later, some unknown large animal charged into the outside of our 8×10 tent, depressing it all the way into the center pole before backing off and leaving without further incident. We thought at the time that it was most likely a deer or even elk, however learned later that we had had an encounter with a bear. What a supreme blessing that there apparently was no smell of food in the tent, or that bear would have killed and injured several of us.

    This was only one of many amazing blessings I could relate. God is so good!!

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