The Sparkle Has Started

As you recall, last week I started a fall cleaning challenge with the end result in mind that we will have a wonderfully clean house by the end of October.    I know spring is the traditional time of year for this sort of cleaning project, but here are a few reasons why I think autumn may be an even better time of year to do our deep cleaning:

  • Our houses will soon be shut up for the cooler months, so it would be good to go into this closed-in time with a fresh start.
  • Many people (including me) have hay fever.  Although we may not be able to rid the world of goldenrod or leaf mold, we can do our best to reduce the number of allergens we harbor inside our homes.
  • The holidays will be here before we know it.  By getting the deep cleaning done now, we can welcome visitors into our homes, knowing that what we used to “sweep under the rug” isn’t there anymore.

Last week I suggested that we start our fall challenge by deep cleaning our kitchens.  How did it go?  I am embarrassed to admit that some of my cupboards had not seen a cleaning cloth since my family moved into this house 13 years ago.  Ugh!  I honestly felt pretty overwhelmed, but I think the key is not to look at the enormity of the  project as a whole, but just to focus on one step at a time.  Along the way, I discovered little surprises – the grapes in the back of the fridge that were slowly becoming raisins, the duplicate pie plate that I’m pretty sure isn’t mine….  But the clincher find is pictured below:


I know, you were probably expecting to see a picture of some fossilized critter that had the misfortune of taking up residence in my cupboard.  Sorry to disappoint.  I have to admit that I half expected to need a quick dial to animal control.  However, this little crock pot ended up to be a major discovery.  It was hiding back in the deep, dark recesses of a high cupboard.  The significance of the find was heightened due to the fact that for the past two years I have hosted a dip party.  Each time I would have a recipe that would be perfect, if I could just keep the dip warm.  I knew once upon a time I had just the right little crock pot.  I looked and looked (apparently in all the wrong places) and finally decided I must have taken it to the local donation center.  I made do with something less capable of handling the task and all the while this little guy was lounging out of sight. 

So, with renewed vigor, I am this week going to launch into deep cleaning my bathroom.  If you want to join me and have more than one bathroom, I suggest beginning with the worst one.  You’ll be starting into this project with fresh energy and once the worst is done, the rest will be easier, right?  I have more recently cleaned out my bathrooms pretty thoroughly, so I don’t expect any startling discoveries.  However, my absolutely worst task (the one that makes my gag start) is housed in the bathroom – the shower drain!!!  I promise not to post any pictures of it, but suffice it to say I doubt any specimen that formally had life could be as disgusting!  *gag*

Check out my free bathroom cleaning checklist below:



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