The God of Impossible Situations (+ FREE course)

Hello.  If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post on how God uses seemingly insignificant people to accomplish His plans.  I was glad to find that this truth resonated with a lot of people.  Hopefully your faith was uplifted to believe that He can use you too, no matter how small you may feel in this world.  But what if you aren’t as much worried about how you can be useful as much as you see obstacles around you that seem insurmountable?  Should we ever see something as impossible?  Let’s look at some examples from God’s Word and find out what we can learn.

Birth of Isaac – In Genesis we read about the patriarch, Abram/Abraham.  God promised him that he would give birth to a son and that through this son his lineage would be uncountable.  We may think that this promise is nice, but no big deal.  That is, until we read that Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were getting old and from a human standpoint it seemed that Sarah was destined to be barren.  Take note of what God said when Sarah acted in disbelief:  “Is any thing too hard for the Lord…?” (Genesis 18:14a).  God followed this up with action, for Sarah indeed had a son at the humanly impossible age of ninety.

Parting of the Red Sea – God had just freed the Israelites from servitude to Egypt (a miracle in itself).  As they left the land where they had been slaves and set their faces towards the promised land where they could instead serve the Lord, their former captors had second thoughts.  As the Egyptian army mobilized behind them, Moses led God’s people.  Any fear that was suppressed initially arose to face them head on when they reached the Red Sea.  There was no turning to the left or right, the sea was in front of them, and the army was behind them.  The situation looked utterly impossible and the Children of Israel cried out to the Lord.  That’s when we read the classic verse, “…Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord…” (Exodus 14: 13a)  Although the people couldn’t imagine an escape, the God Who made the sea knew how to control it.  God parted the waters and created a dry path through the midst of the sea.  Impossible?  It would be for man.

Jericho – This city was built to be impenetrable.  It had massive walls that were designed to keep intruders out.  It had succeeded up to the time when the Israelites came upon it.  When God told Joshua to take the city, He didn’t suggest that he do it with some new and advanced weapon of mass destruction or by amassing the strongest men to scale the walls.  Instead, God told Joshua to have the army and the priests bearing the ark of the covenant quietly walk around the city once a day for six days.  Then on the seventh day, they were to march around it seven times and blow their trumpets.  Boom, the walls fell down flat!  It didn’t make any sense humanly speaking.  God used an impossible method to accomplish what no one else had been able to do before.

Gideon defeats Midian – The Midianites had been thorns in Israel’s side for seven years.  Year by year the Midian army would invade the land just as the crops were nearing harvest and destroy the Israelites’ food source.  The people were greatly impacted by this sabotage and so were their animals. They cried out to the Lord and He raised up Gideon, who was self-described as “the least in his father’s house”.  God used a seemingly insignificant man to head an astounding army that would fight against Midian.  When the army was originally assembled, God knew the number of men might make them think that their own strength had a part in the upcoming victory, although they hadn’t been able to overthrow Midian during the last seven years.  He told Gideon to send any fearful man home and over two-thirds of the original group went home.  Even with this much smaller group, God knew that Israel would be tempted to think they had delivered themselves in their own strength.  So, God came up with an interesting way to pare the army down even more.  When told to drink from a nearby water source, God chose the three hundred that lapped the water to be the only ones to fight.  Three hundred against the host of the Midianite army?  Impossible odds, you might think.  That was just the point God was making.  It was impossible by any imaginable standards, other than when men had God at the head of the charge.

Elijah against Baal’s Prophets – Despite all that God had done for the nation of Israel, King Ahab was a follower of the false god, Baal.  He and his wife, Jezebel, not only turned their back on the true God, but they made it their mission to cause their nation to do the same.  Elijah, a prophet of God, told the people they couldn’t serve both God and Baal, but must make a choice as to where they placed their allegiance.  Although they shouldn’t have needed further proof that God was the only real God than what their history had shown, God in His mercy allowed His servant, Elijah, to show them yet another proof of His supreme authority over the universe.  Elijah called for a contest between himself and the prophets of Baal.  Each were to take a bullock, cut it up, and lay it on wood.  Whichever was able to induce their god to light a fire under the offering would show proof that their god was real.  After the prophets of Baal tried unsuccessfully for hours to accomplish this task, Elijah took his turn.  The situation looked impossible from the start, especially considering the failure of the false prophets to accomplish their desire.  However, Elijah wanted to take away all lingering chance that this could be engineered in human terms.  He called for the people to fill four barrels with water and poor them on the sacrifice and wood.  Then he asked them to do it three more times.  Everything was drenched, so that the water even entirely filled the trench surrounding the altar.  Then he prayed that God would show the people undeniably Who was God.  Without hesitation, God responded with fire that burned up everything – the offering, the wood, the stones, the dirt, and the water in the trench.  Impossible for anyone else.  Possible, leaving nothing to doubt, for God.

Again, these are just a few stories in our Bibles of how there are no impossibilities with God.  God cannot be limited.  He can do and does everything that He wills to be done.  Think about your life.  What have you considered impossible?  I’m not even going to give suggested answers to this question.  We each have our own set of situations where we may have given up hope.  The question first of all is whether our desires match with God’s will for us.  The second question is why would we ever think that the Almighty God would not be able to accomplish what He wills?  It does not rely on OUR strengths or OUR abilities.  God is able!

Now for my big announcement…I am excited to have a FREE e-course about the attributes of God that you can sign up for.  When you sign up below, you will receive a confirmation email (make sure you check your spam box).  After that, you will get an email with a brief explanation of the course content and then about an hour later you’ll get your first “God is…” email.  After that, over the next two weeks, you will receive one email a day with a new attribute of God.  It will only be one page in length, so it won’t take long to read.  Of course, I can’t promise you won’t be thinking about God the rest of the day.  I hope you do, as I have in creating this.

What prompted this course?  Late last year I read a book on prayer.  The author said we needed to give God glory in our prayers by praising Him for Who He is.  I realized my knowledge was insufficient in this area (and still is), but I set about to find out more about God.  This course is what I discovered.  It is hardly complete.  There are many more attributes than I could cover in two weeks.  I have only included a few reference verses.  Each subject just scratches the surface of a limitless God.  However, I came away praising God.  I pray you will too. 

About the technicalities…Jesus referred to a proverb in His day “physician heal thyself” (Luke 4:23).  It had good application with this e-course.  I struggled for days and days to get the problems worked out with it.  Just when I’d think I’d be making progress, my details would vanish.  I was getting more and more frustrated and ready to place it in the “impossible pile”.  Then I looked at the subject of this blog post.  God could make it happen, if it was His will and His timing.  I’m still expecting difficulties and encourage you to send me an email if you have problems signing up or getting it delivered to your inbox.  I will also be signing up for it and monitoring it from my inbox. 

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2 thoughts on “The God of Impossible Situations (+ FREE course)

  1. Diana says:

    So true that with God nothing is impossible (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27) Really enjoyed your blog. God definitely is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20) despite our lack of ability in ourselves. I have been talking with the Sunday school kids about Moses for a few lessons, so I was thinking about when the children of Israel reached the Red Sea and how it was a blessing in disguise. The Egyptians would have caught up to them eventually with or without the Red Sea in front of them. God was able to turn a bad situation into something good to be used for His glory. God did a miracle to not only take them across safely through the parted Red Sea, but to destroy their enemies. A miracle- something only God can do. When God does miracles, there is no doubt that it was all His doing. When something seems impossible, that is when God does His biggest miracles- as long as it is His will. We can trust Him to take care of us.
    Love your idea about the daily attributes of God. The more we keep our focus on God, who He is, and all He has done for us, the more we love and want to praise Him.

    • Heidi says:

      I never thought about how the Egyptians would have overtaken the Israelites, even without the sea. A large mass of people with children and animals wouldn’t have been hard to catch up to. I can definitely think of times in my life when frustrating seeming failures ended up as blessings in disguise. That is why we have to have faith that God knows what is best for us better than we do. Thanks for the additional insights and verses! And thanks for signing up for the “God is” course too. I hope you find personal blessing from the overview.

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