Hello Spring…and a free gift!

Oh, how I love spring!  

Along with the other new beginnings that I’ve mentioned enjoying in previous blog posts (New Year’s Day, mornings), spring is a fresh start.  Here are just a few things I love about this time of year:

  • Fringy leaves on trees.  Fully developed leaves in the summer are nice for shade, but there spring treesis something about the delicate nature of leaves when they are just starting to pop.  This is an advantage to living in the Midwest and being rewarded for enduring the bare winters.  The new leaves give a fresh appreciation of God’s creation.
  • New flowers to discover.  I have planted a number of flowers in our flower beds throughout the years we’ve been at this house.  I don’t claim to have a green thumb and there are definitely plants that haven’t fared too well, despite my efforts.  However, I love the excitement of seeing the various colors emerge, so I keep planting more.   Squirrels have a plan of their own and I’ve caught the little rascals in the process of redistributing what I have planted.   One year, I bought a bunch of mail-order bulbs to plant in the fall.  Since none of my crocuses have stayed where I put them, I questioned whether I should even bother to plant any other bulbs.  A friend told me that I should cover the bulbs with screen to keep the squirrels away.  Smiling to myself, as I imagined thwarting my garden thieves, I went off to buy some screen.  The screen I bought at the local hardware store was in a large piece, but not large enough to cover my whole bed.  So I cut it into about 12″ sections and plunked a piece of screen on top of each bulb in the hole and then refilled the hole with dirt.  Well, the squirrels (not to mention the neighbors) must have been laughing in the spring.  Instead of tulips emerging, I was growing screen!  As each bulb sprouted, the tulip pushed the screen right out in front of it, so that there were little hillocks of screens all over!  Oh, I wish I had a picture to show you!!!
  • Returning birds.  I took an ornithology class in 8th grade in an attempt to avoid chemistry and other difficult classes.  Although I’m still convinced that my teacher was crazy (he cut off a chicken’s head and invited us to watch what happened – I declined), I learned more from this class than from almost any other middle school class…and most of my high school classes!  I enjoy watching the birds.  My favorite birds are Sandhill Cranes.  I have seen some recently in a nearby community, so I know it is just a matter of time until they come to visit my neighborhood.
  • Warmer temperatures.  It is so refreshing to be able to walk outside rather than on our treadmill in our dreary basement.  The earthy smell of spring that replaces the musty smell of our lower level definitely adds to my walking enjoyment.
  • Thunderstorms.  I really miss thunderstorms in the winter.  I have been known to pull back the drapes that we’ve closed in the evening just to see the light display.  I enjoy the flash and then trying to guess when the rumble will come.  The only time I don’t enjoy thunderstorms is when I’m caught outside when they start up.

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