New Year – Body Control

Hello again – glad you’re still with me for week three of my New Year blog posts.  This week I felt like I should talk about taking care of our bodies and keeping them under control.  The trouble is, I have no expertise in this area.  If I wasn’t so new at blogging and had more connections, this would definitely be a time I would have a ‘guest blogger’ take over.  I could learn a lot myself!  Instead of telling you what I’m doing to help my body, let me tell you what I should be doing.

I should be exercising.  During the warmer months, I definitely am better at this.  The trouble is, it is incidental exercise.  My husband and I enjoy bicycling and hiking in parks.  We like to walk around the nearby neighborhoods.  We are having fun doing the activity and exercise is just a by-product.  The trouble comes in when it is too hot, too cold, rainy, or icy.  Then we don’t get outside.  If I were more dedicated to movement for its own sake, I would find a way.  We have a treadmill in the basement, but I have come up with countless excuses why I don’t want to use it – the basement isn’t finished, I have no secure way to keep my iPad in place to distract me, I have almost fallen off multiple times….You get the picture and while you’re getting it, imagine an out-of-shape middle aged woman sitting on her comfy couch motionless (unless you count the hand to mouth movement)!  I must say that it did help when I listened to downloaded podcasts/Ted Talks while I was walking.  If the subject didn’t keep me distracted, balancing my iPad did.  If the topic was too interesting, I’d find myself slowing down until I was in danger of catapulting off the end.  Last year I tried walking outside even when it was icy by using crampons on my shoes.  This is a test of faith when your mind is telling you, “Don’t go there.  You’ll slip!” and you know your metal spikes should hold you upright.

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New Year – Bible Reading

Hello and happy new year!

I’ve had a struggle in deciding what to write about for today’s blog post.  I had decided awhile back to write each week of January about a specific desirable trait that may motivate us all toward being better in some way.  Then I thought that instead of my writings centering around us, I should take on an attribute of God to write about during each of the five weeks.  I also liked the idea of these God reflections being a separate mini course that you would have the choice of joining or not.  However, setting up the separate course would require some extra legwork on my part to get the technology straight.  Because I’ve been a little pinched for time lately and I’d really like this course to be well thought out, I’ve decided to stick with my original idea for now (and be like every other blogger around), but reserve the mini course for another time when it can have my undivided attention.  But for now, I’ll dive into the first resolution of mine. Continue reading