Do you ever feel like a rock?


Recently I visited a science museum and saw a display case with this rock inside.  It got me thinking about how we view ourselves.  Each of us is different.  Some start life endowed with every aspect of beauty.  Others, not so much.  No matter which category you put yourself in (or maybe you think you fall somewhere in between), we all face changes as we age.  Each grey hair that we try to pluck from view and each deepening wrinkle that we excuse away as “laugh lines” remind us that we are not as young as we used to be.  So, how do you react when you look in the mirror?  Do you search infomercials for the latest fountain of youth tonic?  Or do you just hurry past the mirror (like I do) and hope that if it isn’t seen, it doesn’t exist? 

The wonderful thing about life is that no matter how we perceive the changes on our exterior, we are more than just our outer shell.  When we saw this rock in the museum, we could have passed it by easily and quickly aimed our attention on the ones with veins of gold or shiny, polished surfaces.  If we had just concentrated on the dull outer surface, look at what we would have missed….


This rock is a geode.  Only when we caught a glimpse of the inside did we realize what a beautiful object it actually is.  The interesting color and sparkly crystals made us want to stand there and stare at it.  How could we have ever thought it was homely?

Tomorrow, when you glance into your mirror (or try to run by), pause for a moment.  Remember that you are more than your outward imperfections.  Your inward beauties are waiting to be revealed*.  Look for an opportunity today to let your spirit sparkle!

*For Christians:  we have the power of God living inside of us.  What could be more beautiful than that?

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One thought on “Do you ever feel like a rock?

  1. Mary Ann Young says:

    I can see this topic as an interesting topic to be expanded upon. For the person who feels terribly “unlovely,” or the serious introvert who wonders how God could possibly have instilled Christ’s charisteristics into this blob of a Christian, I can imagine this as a gentle starting path of the journey to direct that individual into a more positive view of himself as He focuses all the more on Jesus. He will become less like the rock when he concentrates more on the Rock of his Salvation.

    So, what are the steps he can follow? Here is where you come in with your BLOGGING about the experiences, the trials and successes of the BLOB, so that he can finally see the beauty of this rock as a whole.

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