Cleaning Helps my Family AND my Neighbors


Hello friends and co-cleaners,

Our cleaning challenge is officially over (Woo-Hoo!) and I think we should each give ourselves a pat on the back.  I admit that I don’t like to clean any more than the average person does.  Believe me, leaving the traditional work force hasn’t caused me to become so bored that I look forward to socializing with my duster and iron.  Send for the men in the white coats when that starts to happen because it’s a pretty good sign that I’ve gone right over the edge!  However, I am so proud of myself (and you too!) for tackling this big task and not just laying down until the motivation passes.  As a reminder as to why it was good that we generated some elbow grease, here were some benefits that I saw as I went along these last 5 weeks:

  • My allergies have less to sneeze about
  • I have found things that I thought I lost for good
  • My appliances are in better working order and are safer now
  • I don’t have to run and hide when someone rings the doorbell
  • I have discovered many things that may help others

line outside homeless shelter

line outside of homeless shelter in Portland

That last point brings me to my focus for this week.  I have a huge pile of things that I need to donate.  Some of the things have been gathered during the past year, but I definitely added to the heap during this cleaning challenge.  There is a donation center not too far from where I live that really helps the community.  I have to admit that I used to feel like the area around me wasn’t too affected by poverty.  Then, during high school, my son did a service project with this center and described the line of people that waited early in the morning for a chance at getting food, clothing, and school supplies.  That really opened, not only his eyes, but mine as well.  imageI would encourage you to look in your closets, pantry, and maybe even your wallet to see if you have things that could be helpful to your neighbors.  You don’t even have to drive to a distribution center, since there are many charities that will come to you.  It will free your house from some unneeded clutter and may be a major blessing to someone in your community.

By the way, did you know that some grocery stores have a community rewards program?  Kroger and their affiliate Fred Meyer allow you to link your reward card to a non-profit organization.  At no cost to you (and without affecting your fuel point rewards), they will donate a certain amount of your purchases to your designated organization.  Check online or call your local grocery store to see if they participate.  Also, with Kroger you do have to re-sign up every year, so check your account, even if you’ve signed up in the past.  For more information about Kroger rewards go to

Go out and bless someone this week!



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