Spring for me brings on a sense of wanderlust – defined as a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.  One way I satisfy my urge to discover new things is by playing a worldwide game called geocaching.  “Geo…what?” you might ask.  The simple definition is that it is a game where latitude and longitude coordinates for a specific place are downloaded into a GPS from a website.  These coordinates are used to find a container that has been hidden.

Geocaching began in the year 2000.  Prior to this time, GPS devices were used for military purposes, but around this time they were opened up to civilian use.  The first container was hidden to celebrate this new public use of satellite coordinates.  Soon the game caught on.  Today there are millions of geocaches hidden throughout the world.  They are found on every continent, including Antarctica, and there is even one located on the International Space Station.

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Five Reasons Not to Get a Bunny for Easter


I am publishing a little shorter blog post today.  I have another post that will be released on Friday that has a Good Friday/Easter message.  However, I also wanted to keep to my regular Tuesday writing.  So, I decided to release a message about something that I feel strongly about – the problems with getting a rabbit (especially for children) for Easter.

For many, the Easter holidays have become a time to celebrate a large meal, an egg hunt, chocolate candies, and ducks, chicks, and bunnies.  I have a problem with what this godly holiday has morphed into, but focusing on that isn’t my intent with this posting.  My aim is to give you reasons to NOT buy a live animal (in particular a rabbit) for a child at this time.

author with Giszelle

For seven years I was a rabbit owner and a member of the Michigan Rabbit Rescue organization.  During this time I was able to foster many rabbits in my home and it gave me the chance to witness various rabbit personalities.  I also learned a lot of information that I was totally unaware of previously.  As you read through the cautions below, you may know of exceptions to these statements.  There are always exceptions to general truths – take for example someone you know who lived into their nineties, even though they were an avid smoker.  Just know that these bunny facts are shown true with many, many rabbits. Continue reading

Walking Smart with Walking Poles

Good Morning!

Tomorrow, April 5, is National Walking Day.  We all have heard that walking is one of the best and most inexpensive ways to put exercise into our daily lives.  Today I’m going to tell you one way you can raise your calorie burning potential by as much as 48% plus maintain good posture and balance while walking in your neighborhood.  Make sure you read to the end of this post to see an offer created just for my readers!  Disclaimer:  I was provided a free product in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

Last fall my husband and I were taking a walk in a local park.  As we were enjoying the beauty, we noticed a man going in the opposite direction who was walking with some walking poles.  We looked curiously at him and at the poles, wondering exactly what he was doing.  Seeing our interest, he stopped and explained that he was walking regularly with these poles in preparation to walk the Appalachian Trail. Continue reading

This May Be Your Closest Library

During the last year I made a new discovery that I think many other people may not be aware of – Little Free Libraries.  If this term has you scratching your head, this blog post will hopefully provide some information about them.

Blue little free library box

What are Little Free Libraries?

Little Free Libraries(LFL) were created in 2009 to allow people to exchange books in an informal setting.  Typically, the “library” is a enclosed box on a post (see pictures below), but some people have come up with quite creative designs for the libraries they put up. 

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