Hi, I’m Heidi.  I live in the Midwest, have been married for almost 30 years, and have two adult children.  I have been working in the dental field for most of my adult life; first as an assistant, then as a hygienist.  One of my first bosses was my husband and I worked for him until he retired in April of 2016.  Since then I have worked on a temporary basis for area dentists.  Both my husband’s retirement and my occasional employment have had a profound effect on our lives. image

The other major factor in my life (the larger one, by far) is that I am a Christian.  I try my best, through the power God provides, to live my life according to His Word, the Bible.  I think calling yourself a “Christian” should be more than just a profession – it should create a different focus in every area of your life.

This website was created to help people (especially those of us who are older) to find joy in each day of our lives.  Instead of waking up dreading the day ahead, my goal is to use this site to provide ways for us all to face each day with fresh ideas.

So, grab a cup of tea and refresh your day with me!


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