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As you may recall, last week we were continuing our Fall Cleaning Challenge by deep cleaning our living room (or maybe you picked your family room or media room).  It wasn’t an easy task for me, but I found that it was important to do.  There was the uck! moment of the wrapped, gray package of Smarties that had found a hiding place I didn’t know existed under our couch cushions.  On the other hand, I was excited to find a pair of reading glasses that had also slipped into an unknown area.  Believe me, reading glasses are more valuable than finding coins these days! 

One of the worst areas as far as neglect goes was the top of our entertainment center.  Sure, I suspected it would be majorly dusty, but I didn’t really know because I can’t see up there

You can see where I hadn't dusted yet

You can see where I hadn’t dusted yet

without getting up on a ladder.  As long as the rest of the room was picked up and reasonably free of dust, I thought the room looked pretty good.  The trouble was that just because I couldn’t see the top of the cabinetry, didn’t mean the dust wasn’t there.  It also doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect my allergies because allergens are largely invisible and they make their way into our bodies through our noses, not through viewing them with our eyes. 

While I was tottering on the ladder and removing the years of accumulation, I started to think about how for a long time I thought my life was pretty good.  Oh sure, I knew I did things that weren’t right, but after all, so did everyone else around me.  If I started to feel too convicted about things in my life, I could always find,  without too much effort, others who had done worse.  The trouble was, I was looking from the wrong perspective.  God is holy and He lives in a holy Heaven.  When He looks down on the earth, He sees all the filth and grime that sin has caused.  It isn’t a pretty picture!  No amount of wiping on our parts can last – the filth just settles back down as soon as we looked away.  God is the only One Who can bring lasting and complete cleansing.  The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.  1 John 1:7  The sacrifice of God’s Son is powerful enough to cleanse permanently.  No added effort on our part will make it better.  We only need to accept the cleansing He has already provided.

On the flip side, we can have days when we still feel dismal, even though we are pexels-photo-115491positionally clean.  Maybe we are in the midst of some kind of storm.  Darkness seems to be closing in and our circumstances seem dire.  Just remember, God sees things at a different angle than we do.  Just because we can’t see the sun from where we are, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  We need to go to God’s Word, the Bible.  It was given by God and will lift us above the clouds of our every day cares.  God is in control and He is able to triumph, even when we can’t see how He is working in our lives!

Back to earth – and to our cleaning challenge.  This week I am dedicated to cleaning our bedroom.  Oh how I’m dreading it!  Actually the bedroom isn’t too bad (then again, I haven’t gotten on my ladder yet).  However, I know the closet is a monumental chore.  I’d like to close my eyes and pretend it isn’t there.  That’s what I have been doing for years and I don’t think it’s working.  So, let’s go in and tackle the room and hope we’re alive to tell about it next week – LOL!

Here’s the cleaning checklist:


Keep your perspective!




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